about us

What’s The Buzz all about?

As our name would suggest, The Buzz Communications Group is a hive of activity. It is our business to get your business humming, your products noticed and people raving! How do we do that? It’s the way we connect with our clients.

Each client relationship begins with a discussion covering the history of your company, marketing materials you use now, a review of your previous campaigns – what worked, what didn’t. We like to get a sense from you of the future direction of your company. Your vision. You know your industry and we’re here to listen. We also like to get a sense of your competition and how you see them.

We’ll define the project together and come up with a workable budget together. We agree to work together. A deposit demonstrates our agreement and allows us to get started.

This provides the foundation upon which we build a solid working relationship and ultimately – marketing, well designed.

It is this technique which, combined with our strong and experienced team, that allows The Buzz to provide a wide range of design styles and services. From the multitude of bakery photographs which pepper the Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company website, to the exterior stainless steel backed 3D sign which clearly brands Seine River Dental Centre as a dental office without using a single word, or the humor employed in the Canadian Super Shop radio spots – The Buzz captures the vision of each of our clients, interprets it and produces marketing materials that are uniquely suited.

Let us help you take your business to humming!

Just give us a call.

The Buzz Team

generic mugshot Agency Producer (Queen Bee) – Vienna Badiuk

The Buzz Communications Group, Agency Producer, Vienna Badiuk focuses on creating new business partnerships, tailoring the team to complete the project and ensuring quality control. Before landing at The Buzz, Vienna’s career evolved from exploring the world of teaching 42 students at a time, working as a journalist in a pressure cooker of a deadline-driven newsroom and co-founding the Winnipeg-based news magazine, Interchange. With more than 20 years in the marketing industry, Vienna is a collaborator who listens attentively to her clients and grasps their vision. She works through a rigorous and creative protocol and applies her signature passion with sweet innovation to deliver what clients need to enhance their bottom line.

generic mugshot Graphic Designer – Brian Hydesmith

A consummate creative visionary and problem solver, Brian has been a newspaper reporter, photojournalist, magazine art director, illustrator and a specialist in print technology. Inspired to make the world a lovelier place one project at a time, Brian embraces a wide range of projects and draws upon a depth of 25 years experience from Manitoba, Europe, BC, Australia and back again.

generic mugshot Animator/Illustrator – Marianne Jonasson

An independent animator, Marianne teaches animation and art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Specializing in 2D animation, she is currently developing characters for an upcoming project. A graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Manitoba, Marianne is a multi-media artist. The co-owner, head designer and manufacturer at the legendary Panorama Boutique, Marianne produced their top-selling quirky hand-painted t-shirts. She writes scripts and voices describe video, for various television series, documentaries and films. This is a service for visually impaired people. Want to see samples of her illustration? Have a peek at our team illos on this page.

generic mugshot Special Assistant – Susan Joss

Susan’s job is to keep The Buzz, and all of its various components and worker bees marching about in what might generally be interpreted as the same direction. Her work is appreciated – up to the sky – and will always continue to grow, as will the piles of files.