Four tips on how to make the agency choice

So you’ve met with a number of agency representatives, and you’re now at the point of choosing who you want to work with on developing your marketing plan, and initiating marketing projects. How do you choose THE one?

  1. Check the agency’s references:
    • give three of the agency’s clients a call.
    • ask frank questions.
    • listen carefully to the answers.
  2. Consider your gut sense of the agency:
    • do you respect them?
    • do you appreciate the body of work that they have presented to you?
    • would you be willing to let them develop work for your business which pushes you beyond where you are now?
  3. What is your comfort level with this agency? Remember that the agency that you choose will be privy to:
    • the budget
    • your greatest entrepreneurial successes
    • the entrepreneurial fears that terrorize you the most
    • plans that you have for the future of your business
  4. Is this the type of agency and the type of people with which you can laugh?
    • marketing is hard work, having fun makes the job a lot easier, and often takes the work to amazing new heights!

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