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Tackling your marketing challenges is what we do to make your brand stand out. Here are just some ways we helped our clients make their branding stronger, and what it can do for you.

the challenge

When an established automotive service and accessory provider, Canadian Super Shop, hired The Buzz Communications Group, they had two questions:

  1. Where did they rank in terms of hourly labour costs within Winnipeg?
  2. How to get more vehicles into their four bay service centre?

the solution

The Buzz proposed creating a marketing strategy analysis to enhance the Shop’s bottom line. The process began with basic research: a survey of vehicle owners – some of whom were already Super Shop clients, and others who had cars, but chose to get their vehicles accessorized and serviced elsewhere.

The study revealed that non-customers:

  • did not know Super Shop could provide service/maintenance
  • had the illusion that Super Shop catered only to high performance vehicle enthusiasts
  • felt that the family van would not be welcome
  • believed the shop was too expensive.

As the entrance to the four service bays faced Berry Street, it was easy to understand how drivers traveling down Portage Avenue might miss seeing them. Further, the extensive display of mag wheels which stretched over a third of the front window space gave people the impression that Super Shop focused exclusively on high-end performance vehicles.

A city-wide survey of both chain and independent automotive service and accessory providers, however, revealed that Super Shop not only wasn’t expensive, but that it was at the lower end of the hourly rates charged for labour.

the result

In response to the identified misconceptions revealed by the initial survey that were strongly held by people who had never even entered in the shop, The Buzz produced a tag line to debunk the myths and reinforce what current customers already knew.

“Canadian Super Shop – supercharged service and stuff at everyday prices.” has since run as part of every radio spot, and in all print material. Anecdotal evidence would suggest the addition of this tag line has had an impact. The last two summers have been particularly busy for Super Shop.

the challenge

A firmly established dental clinic, located in the village of Ste. Anne, Manitoba, had for some time operated out of an existing medical facility located on Main Street. The Seine River Dental Centre built its own office and clinic, taking its business and patients across the street. The move meant that Seine River Dental had to establish its own graphic brand.

the solution

The client came to the first meeting with The Buzz Communications Group with a clear creative brief for us. The client envisioned a 3D tooth attached to the exterior wall of the new building. A hand rendered drawing of a molar tooth had even been produced.

Additionally, the owners had determined that because of the ethnic diversity of the local community, they did not want to have any words as part of their exterior signage, as one ethnic group, or another might be left out.

Based on the client’s 3D tooth concept, and in discussions with the client, The Buzz researched two possible substrates – upon which the tooth would be suspended. Stainless steel offered a durability which aluminum could not. And while that decision was being made, a molded fiberglass tooth was created. A high gloss metallic silver finish was applied to the exterior of the hollow tooth, nicely contrasting with the textured surface of the stainless steel.

the result

The client was involved in each step of the developmental process. Careful discussions and considerations revolved around beveling the edges of the stainless steel frame, as well as the hinging of the tooth to the steel, and placement of LED lighting within the hollowed tooth.

The completed project was a dramatic back-lit 2.5’ W X 3’ H X 2.5’ D silver molar attached to a 6’ W X 4’ H stainless steel beveled frame with a concealed electric timer. Without a word, the sign delivers the Seine River Dental Centre message 24/7.

A stationary package, based on the 3D tooth concept, further supports the unique signage which is synonymous with the field of dentistry.

With a solid brand firmly established, The Buzz went on to develop a humourous ad in support of a community recreational space.  

the challenge

Having worked with The Buzz Communications Group for almost a year, Tyler and Julie Kaktins were looking to expand beyond their vibrant artisan bakery located in the resort town of Wasagaming, in Riding Mountain National Park.

In the first go-round, The Buzz had built a new website for Sparrow’s, and branded the Facebook and Twitter pages to match the site.

Foxtail Cafe, to be located on the doorstep of Riding Mountain National Park, was envisioned as a cafe and market, with the main differentiator being its wood-fired pizza and outdoor brick pizza oven. The Buzz was asked to come in at the ground floor – that being assisting with the editing, layout/design and production of the Foxtail Cafe business plan.

the solution

The client saw Foxtail Cafe as a year round full service restaurant and lounge, farmers’ market and retail space with a line of associated items, featuring the products of local farmers, food producers, artists and musicians. A landscaped green space, flower beds and benches would further encourage guests to linger and enjoy.

Located on the same property, The Green Spot Home and Cottage is to be situated adjacent to the Cafe. The shop would have a cottage garden theme – offering items of interest to gardeners, as well as patio furnishings, home decor and giftware, entertainment accoutrements and a Christmas corner.

Looking at the two businesses and their dreams for the single property, The Buzz conceived the concept of marketing the businesses as a tourist destination. It is because of all the extras – great food, interesting buys, beautiful art and concerts with an intimate feel – the potential synergy which could result from their tandem efforts – began to jump off the pages of the business plan.

The Buzz promoted the destination concept in every area of the business plan, such as the location, target market and current economic growth of the local community:

A study produced by Parks Canada looked at visitors to Riding Mountain National Park. It revealed that approximately 250,000 people annually enter the gates. Located five minutes from the south gate entrance to the Park, the entrance way used by the majority of the people who come to the Park; the Foxtail Cafe/Green Spot property is ideally located to become a tourist destination.

Baby Boomers are acknowledged across the country as the most influential demographic shaping Canada’s market place. This demographic is looking for healthy options, ethical products and has a high level of disposable income. They also spend a significant number of dollars on vacations. To ensure the success of the businesses as a tourist destination, as part of the business plan, the tandem businesses acknowledged that they would meet the dining, entertainment and shopping needs and expectations of this generation.

Market growth research further noted steady economic growth in Wasagaming/Clear Lake and the surrounding communities in recent years. Mike Workman, CBCO development officer for the region, said, “The years 2008, 2009 and 2010 were the busiest years the RM has ever seen.” This quote supports the marketing of this enterprise as a destination.

the result

The Buzz packaged the vision of Foxtail Cafe/Green Spot including the business plan, AM/PM breakfast/lunch chalk board menu design, evening dinner menu, seasonal daily specials menu and five year marketing outline for presentation to financial institutions.