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What they say

It’s all well and good to gum on about how great The Buzz Communications Group is, but what do business people who have hired us actually say?

Read on.

Canadian Super Shop
Marve Kraut, President

Our cram sessions are always creative, progressive and fun, resulting in a positive experience for Canadian Super Shop and myself.

Thanks for the years of service.

Lifetime Solutions To Being Human
Jane Meagher, Executive Life Management Coach

The first time I saw the logo and design, created by The Buzz Communications Group for my new business venture, the only word that came out of my mouth was “WOW”.

I could not have imagined anything more perfect to represent who I am and what I do. Brilliant.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
Brenda Elliott, Owner

I am a recent client of The Buzz and I must say that I am delighted with the level and quality of attention my small business is receiving. The Buzz has helped me develop plans and already they are making a difference!

The Buzz is attentive, professional and utterly wonderful.

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg
Sharon Wilms, RN BN, CEO/DOC

Working with Vienna and her team was fantastic. The attention to detail, their strong desire to ensure the client is completely thrilled will have me seeking their expertise time and again.

The Buzz took my ideas from ordinary to outstanding! Cheers.

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company at The Forks
Paul Langel, Co-owner and Location Manager

We would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful work Buzz Communications has done for Tall Grass Bakery and Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen. We get great comments on the excellent website, signage, posters and print ads you have done for us at both bakeries. One Winnipeg artist told me the other day that he is always overcome with the beauty of our marketing efforts when he visits our bakery at The Forks.

I also appreciate that you are a joy to work with, open to input while at the same time bringing your expertise, great taste and skill to the table. We look forward to doing many more marketing projects together.

case study

The purpose of a case study presentation is to give visitors to The Buzz Communications Group website an opportunity to read a detailed description explaining how we solved our client’s business challenges.

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company
the situation

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company opened its doors in Wolseley in 1990 as a social response to the farming crisis of that time, when poorly paid farmers were no longer able to sustain themselves, their families or their farms.

It was thought that by opening a small local organic bakery, at least some positive impact could be made. Additionally, the bakery would allow those involved to live and work in their own neighbourhood.

Opening day was an astounding success. The bread and and now legendary cinnamon buns sold out within a couple of hours. Over the opening months, more product was produced, and the bakery was embraced by the entire neighbourhood.

Throughout their first decade in business, Tall Grass pioneered itself as milling its own organic grains. It was in fact the only such bakery in Manitoba.

Tall Grass supported organic agriculture, that is, agriculture conducted without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. They saw this as a demonstration of their desire to take responsibility for the gifts of the Earth. This was a choice fundamental to caring for the health of the Earth and humanity.

the problem

The message of the goodness of truly healthy organic bread became solidly entrenched, and intrinsically understood, during their first 10 years of operation. Tall Grass, however, up to that point had not established itself as a recognizable brand much beyond its own neighbourhood and city centre.

In its initial meeting with The Buzz Communications Group, Tall Grass stated that they wanted assistance with the development of their overall look, and with this creative brief, The Buzz developed the appropriate solution for its client.


The Buzz branding solution

Signature creative. The first project that The Buzz worked on was a revamp of the existing Tall Grass logo. At that time, while grasses had already been established as part of the logo, in collaboration with Tall Grass – through discussion, many ideas began to emerge. The angles and number of grass blades were carefully considered, eventually settled upon and formally rendered, as a block of reversed text which read “Bread Company” was also introduced.

An informal narrow typeface was chosen for the logo. It had a friendly hand-drawn earthy feel which worked well with the name of the company. Its soft edge and height even gave the impression of rustling wheat. The natural stance of the font and the density of the type, made for good display and had eye-catching appeal.

In addition to the vertical logo, a horizontal logo was also developed.

Rooted in a philosophy which supported local Manitoba organic farmers and grains, when it came to the colours of the logo, it made sense to choose a palette representative of the colours close to Tall Grass. These colours captured the essence of blueberries, cranberries and wheat – produce supplied to Tall Grass by local Manitoba farmers. Further, these naturally growing colour sequences were strong enough to stand against a white background.

You could almost smell the bread rising!

Having established the palette of colours for the Tall Grass logo, The Buzz chose to expand upon the respectful Mother Earth concept in the development of the look and feel of the website. In discussions with our client, a clean, spare, hand-crafted look was developed to embrace the essence of their natural product and enhance the artisanal feel.

Each banner as it related to each menu button – Our Philosophy, The Bakeries, Tall Grass Catering, Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, What We Make, Sharing, Our History, Tall Grass Tales, Contact Us – told a different story through illustration and carefully crafted text. As each page unfolded, the website visitor further understood that, “Together with the Earth, those who grow, those who mill, those who bake and those who buy – each offer a unique gift to the creation of the Tall Grass product. Our bakeries are the meeting place where the loaf of bread is born, and begins to sing its own song.” Taken from the Tall Grass website – Our Philosophy – We are what we make, paragraph 1.

Each banner augments the Tall Grass story.

The Tall Grass website (tallgrassbakery.ca) text is complimented with many visuals – both pictures and whimsical illustrations.

The collaborative method used by The Buzz in the development of its work for Tall Grass resonates in other branded marketing materials which have been produced including – business cards, ads, seasonal flyers, posters, labels and most recently the sunflower bin wrap.

the result

Tall Grass now has a well established brand – one which appreciates Mother Earth and its organic components, and while being graphically appealing – sets the bakery apart.