The first meeting – getting things humming

The first marketing meeting that you have with The Buzz after you decide to work with us is the foundation building block for a successful long-term working relationship.

During this meeting we ask questions, and we listen carefully to your answers.

We ask about your business:

  • why you decided to open your business
  • what you see your business as being
  • the goals you have for your business
  • your target market
  • the effects of seasonality
  • how you are currently branded
  • your interior and exterior signage
  • what you do to attract customers
  • your advertising and public relation campaigns
  • how you sustain your business during the slow periods
  • who’s your competition
  • what they do that you like
  • what they do that you don’t like
  • we want to know your budget
  • through this – together – we will set immediate and long-term marketing priorities for your business
  • we discuss a deposit

To get your business humming – this is where we start.

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