When it comes to production –
Winnipeggers like a bargain – so what!

To the chagrin of many local businesses – Winnipeggers have a reputation for demanding a bargain. Conversely the word on the street is that the people of Saskatoon and Calgary are willing to spend the bucks.

In today’s economy, without question you need to keep an eye on your budget, however, you must also be equally concerned about the quality of your end product. How will your customers react to a piece which is put out under your name that doesn’t hold up?

For example, in one case The Buzz dealt with an extremely cost conscious client who needed to have a tabloid-sized black and white pamphlet copied and folded. Believing that there would be a cost savings, the client insisted that the job be taken to a quick copy centre for production. After three attempts, the centre was not able to do a straight fold in the middle of the page.

In the end, to properly complete the job, The Buzz took it to a digital copy business that we had worked with for years, and had originally recommended be used. That company did the work in one go. The production was perfect.

A good working relationship between a client and an agency has trust at its foundation.

Beyond what in-house specialties an agency offers, through years of experience it has developed a solid group of vendors. These vendors are specialists in their own particular field – whether it’s posters, three dimensional signs, large surface wraps, building and installation of canopies, large run print jobs or short run digital work. The list of vendors with extreme specialties that each agency has – goes on and on.

The Buzz list is comprised of vendors who we know from experience will go to the wall, and through it – for us, and the clients we represent.

This bottom line means that going with the lowest possible price sometimes is not at all the way to go.

In the end, the quality of the finished product is equally as important as the price, and to get that quality you may have to pay more.

As you make your next decision on price vs. quality, ask yourself if putting out a piece with a crooked fold really matters.

It does!

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